Keeper Pollard or Walker

10 team .5 ppr. We keep 2. I am definitely keeping Olave in the 9th.
As my second, I can keep Pollard as my 4th round pick(35 overall) or Kenneth Walker as my 8th round pick.
By the time the 35th pick comes 10 keepers will be off the board so the quality of players available will be basically 5th rounders as opposed to 4th.
Keep Pollard or Walker?

Well Pollard is the safe choice, but Walker has the has the best potential value IMO - vs pick surrendered - mostly because everyone knows Pollard can’t block. :kissing:

Have to disagree because of Charbonnet who I really like and can see him with more touches than Walker.

Pollard is the Lone Ranger.

How are we disagreeing? Is it that you’re believing Zach Charbonnet will have more fantasy production than Tony Pollard this year? :astonished:

Being A “Lone Ranger” is ideal in fantasy and in Pollard’s case has just lil Deuce Vaughn, but at 4th in depth, with a couple of claimed FA before him as his competition and will barely turn 26 in Spring next year. 260 touches would lock Pollard into his current ADP, 300 would blow past it, though don’t see him surpassing 280.

Just on the potential value of Walker. I see Charbonnet with more.

Hut’s question was simple, It’s which back to hold of higher value against surrendered draft comp. Charbonnet has nothing to do with the equation, other than whether it will effect the '23 value of Walker. :roll_eyes:

Yes, and saying I believe he will have more touches than Walker answers that.

I feel like it’s crazy that walker would lose so many touches. He was so good last year. I thought I was going to have myself essentially a free first round pick this year. But that seems to be the prevailing thought like you said with Charbonnet. And conversely, I feel like Pollard isn’t really an every down back, which doesn’t really matter because he was so efficient even with limited carries last year.
Actual opportunity cost might look something like having Pollard and Brandin Cooks vs Walker and Jeudy

I’m still not fully sold on Pollard. It’s nothing more than a hunch, but I think he will disappoint many of his owners this year,

Walker OTOH is underrated. Yes, Charbonnet, I get it. But Walker is the better back, and I can see him going stong this year.

That said. I’d still keep Pollard. He’s the RB6 / #12 overall, while Walker is RB17 / #42 overall. Pollard is more expensive to get back via the draft.