Chris Olave or K. Toney?

Hi, in a keeper league, who you choose?

Olave, no questions asked. He could be a WR2 in his rookie season already, even with Michael Thomas active. If Thomas gets injured again, the sky is the limit for Olave.

If you are looking for immediate production, Olave is my favorite WR in this year’s rookie class.

Is this a devy league? Just wondering what format would require you to decide if you wanted to keep a rookie before the season even started.


Toney has been a bust but with talent. Olave can work out but Saints and Giants both look shaky at best.

I would go Toney but not with a lot of confidence.

The Giants have 6 potential pass catchers on the roster right now:

Saquon Barkley
RSJ or Daniel Bellinger (whoever gets more targets on TE, my money is on Bellinger)
Kenny Golladay
Kadarius Toney
Wan’Dale Robinson
Sterling Shepard

A low-volume offense, paired with many players to soak up the few targets, is usually fantasy poison.

Even with a 30% volume share, I see Toney only at WR#30.

The Saints have less mouths to feed.

Alvin Kamara (but he is likely to miss a good portion of the season)
Adam Trautman (who won’t get a huge share, though)
Michael Thomas (who may or may not be back at 100%)
Jarvis Landry (who is also not likely to command a huge share)
And Chris Olave.

Plus, Jameis Winston has shown that he can generate a volume that we have not seen from Daniel Jones yet. Not even close.

If Olave and Toney get the same target share in their teams, I easily have Olave 1-2 tiers higher than Toney.

The Giants would have to take a huge step forward, with Toney being the clear #1 target, and Winston would have to be a complete bust, in order for Toney to beat Olave.


Toney has injury issues and is tied to Daniel Jones.

Would rather have Olave tied to Winston.

add Callaway and TSmith to the mouths to feed for NO, as they are as good or better than the some of the JAGs listed above for NYG

saying all that I still pick Olave easily

A meaningful pass catcher to me is one who can claim 10% or more of the targets in the games he plays.

Marquez Callaway has been very inefficient last year, his catch rate was only 54.8%, worst among all Saints pass catchers.

Tre’Quan was a little better, but not close to the expectations the Saints had in him.

Neither Callaway nor Marquez was able to leave Deonte Harris (or Harty, not sure what he calls himself right now) or Adam Trautman behind in terms of target share. In the 13 games he played, the receiver #1 in New Orleans was Alvin Kamara.

Callaway may still be used as a field stretcher, but I don’t think his target share will be above 10%.

Smith is a fade candidate for me. He showed no noticeable chemistry with Winston last year. I was surprised the Saints gave him a new contract.