WOW! Waiver Wire Wednesday

Much sizzle in Achane and Dell but will steak come of it?

I have to make a good offer for Achane as he is a rookie, great fit and Mostert is old for my keeper league.

I already have Rochon from a few weeks ago and he has moved from RB3 to RB2 to split touches. I still fully expect him to be the starter by the half and likely before.

Charbonnet is another solid addition if you cna get him. He has taken over 2 minute snaps and close to receiving. I believe he will be better than Walker in the second half.

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I am 1-2 but failed to score 80 2/3 weeks.

Thinking about going after Charbonnet as I need some guys who can hit soon!

I may be wrong but do not see any quick fixes here. I take players who I believe will develop and increase in value and most have.

This is a keeper/dynasty mind set and has served me very well.

Trades are possible quick fixes but chances are you give more than you get. :slight_smile:

I keep forgetting you are more of a dynasty guy!

I need some help in my redraft. The thing about our league is 8/10 make playoffs (silly I know) so I have to be careful not to panic but I also think realistically, I don’t know how competitive my roster is.