Keeper League Question (full ppr): Pittman in 11th or St Brown in 16th?

Half PPR and 6-8 keepers for now. Need to look at existing rosters first. Change is a stroke of a finger.

I decided I do like Superflex although never played it.

Is this thought still alive or dead?

I hate keepers. I prefer full dynasty.

I’m thinking about it!

Do what you’re comfortable with but I think you’re looking long term and I’m in for a fun fling. I’ll try anything twice and for here at this late date a standard 4 team league would be some fun for a small, transient forum.

A new league may be better for you if you have enough. You still need to look at the rosters on this one.

My league has become a pain to set since I told everyone I was deleting it because of surgery. I really only want to see how my team I built does this year and likely will just put this one to Yahoo public first of the week to buy a year.

Your choice until then.

You could open up your league to the rest of us?

I did that before with no reply but, will go again.

I am still very open to your changes but cannot see dynasty working until next year.

Why not? What makes dynasty work next year but not this year?

Father Time but I am open if you have the Managers to whatever.

I will make you a commissioner, take your best shot and I will help whenever I can. Just tell me what ya want but, maybe look at rosters first. Yes?

What do you have in mind for rosters?

I’d be open to joining a dynasty startup draft.

To use them as they were set for keepers but, don’t know if that works for you.

Thinking best for new league and I am in and move on with mine. Your choice?

Point was starting a new league a few weeks before draft is tuff to do.

I would prefer starting a new league. Do we want it to be a cash or FTP league?

Go with the flow, no matter to me. Find the people first.

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I got things started. You’re up.