Keeper league ( keep 6)

Players are

Aaron Jones
Corey Davis
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Allen Lazard
D’Andre Swift
Diontae Johnson
Deebo Samuel
Michael Carter
Isaiah Hodgins
Tyler Allgeier
Greg Dulcich
Dalton Schultz
Dak Prescott
Brock Purdy

I have the 10th pick out of 12
1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE,1R/W/T AND K& DEF
QBs are usually held on to in this league, well at least 1

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You’ll obviously want to keep CMC and Diontae.

I’m not a fan of Dak in fantasy, and Purdy doesn’t have a guaranteed starter role. If you feel you have to keep a QB, as no startable veteran will enter the draft (whyever that is in a 1QB league), keep Dak. But I’d probably keep Deebo instead.

Good luck!

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Tuff roster and pick. I would go"

and maybe Allgiers over a blank.

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I was looking at Aaron Jones, but he is 28 now

Yeah IF you were thinking contender but, not gonna happen. I would seriously consider trading CMC before he gets older. He is your only high value.

Sendind a message.

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Here’s my picks:

1… CMC: No-brainer.
2. Aaron Jones: Everyone is passing on Jones. Yes he’s getting older, but the Packers are also starting a new QB. All RB’s on deck! Expect Jones and Dillon to carry the lion’s share of the workload in GB.
3. Juju Smith-Schuster: Best WR option in New England.
4. Diontae Johnson: Best WR option in Pittsburgh. Expect some TD regression from him after a lackluster 2022.
5. Deebo Samuel: This is the “pray for Purdy” pick. Deebo will do better with Purdy than with Trey Lance, unless Lance somehow gets his game together.
6. Dak Prescott: He could see a resurgence with McCarthy calling the plays, as well as a strong WR corps this year. With only Tony Pollard running the ball, that could put a little more weight on the Cowboys passing game.

Based on these keepers, my main draft tip to you is get younger! All your positions are getting long in the tooth. The only exception will be TE, where you could draft Schultz in later rounds and do ok.

C’Mon Man, No way is this a contender and aging on top. There is zero young talent to build on. Gotta blow it up, get what ya can in trade and move on.