Keeper Help - Auction League

I can keep up to 3 at the price they were drafted. Cost goes up an additional $5 each year which I’ve reflected in the photo. I think Javonte is a must, but outside of him I’m conflicted. I was originally going Javonte/Brown/Lance, but I looked at the open market RBs last year since so many were kept. The prices were crazy, for example:

Zeke: $61
Najee: $69
Mixon: $51 (pre breakout)

Cook, despite his injury history, could be a value at $48 compared on the open market. Heck CMC may go for $70+ on open market.

I’m now considering either Williams/Cook/Lance or Williams/Cook/Brown since I can probably get Lance for next to nothing. I know the top WRs will be kept too, so Brown may be a steal a $21 too.

Thoughts? Thanks!


Don’t keep a scrub QB in a 1 QB league.

If those are the prices that RBs are drawing in your league, then I’d definitely keep Cook and Williams, and Diontae at $11 would probably be my third.

Just realized CMC would be $53, not $58.

Cook at $48 or CMC at $53?

I thought we already resolved that.

With the $10 difference I’d go Cook. $5 is so little. And I think CMC is in a diff tier than Cook, is all. That may tip the scales towards CMC/Williams and either Brown or Johnson.