Keeper help must choose 2

10 team full PPR. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR and a flex. 6pt td’s for all positions including QB and double point for out of position TD’s. Must keep 2 of the following, Najee Harris, Barkley, Fournette, Mike Evans. No round penalty for keeping 2.

Thanks in advance!

Harris and Evans without knowing more on your draft.

Harris is a lock.

Barkley and Fournette are both intriguing if they receive double points for receiving TDs. Fournette should be the safer bet, but Barkley may have some additional receiving TD upside. Throw a coin.

I’d go with Harris and Barkley; Barkley has the backfield pretty much to himself (unless you consider Matt Breida a threat), while Fournette should be in a committee with a couple of recent 3rd-round draft picks…

Harris and Evans I think are the better bets

Great call. :slight_smile: Welcome.

If you get double for a RB receiving TDs, I would go Fournette and Harris. IMO, Barkley could be a Homerun, but Harris offers similar upside with a higher floor. You could go Barkley and Harris and be in just as good a spot, but it’s hard to ignore the amount Fournette is targeted in the passing game.

Both Barkley and Fournette had 2 receiving TDs last year, but I think Barkley’s situation is improving, whereas the Bucs drafted a RB in the third round this year who led all Arizona State RBs last year in receiving yardage.

So they drafted the next KeShawn Vaughn (3rd Round in 2020)? I’m not gonna let scare me away.

No, they already have a KeShawn Vaughn that they drafted a couple of years ago. They drafted the pass-catching back out of Arizona State, Rachaad White, this past April.

And if that doesn’t give you pause, today’s news should:


If you’re lucky, Fournette will still have a role to play this season.

I would agree Harris & Evans.
I have a similar situation. 10 team 1/2 PPR 1QB, 2RB, 2WR and a flex same point situation. Except lose the draft position of your keeper from last year’s draft. A free agent would be a last pick. I’m 1st pick this year. Top players Taylor 1st round, Adams 2nd, A. J. 4th, Lamar 6th, D. Harris 8th, Renfrow FA, M. Gordon FA, don’t plan to keep Taylor, just pick him 1st. haha. And not knowing this league very well and who everyone else might keep, top players or late picks?