Keeper and first pick in 10 team Keepr

Should my keeper be either Barkley or Ridley? I want Harris as an RB. and might have to make him my first pick in order to get. So keeping Ridley would be the smart play. but Barkley could be a top 5 RB if healthy in the end. a lot of doubts surrounding him. Harris will be a top 10. I pick 3rd so there’s a long wait until 2nd pick. The top 6 RBs are keepers on other teams. Aaron Jones, Jonathan Taylor, Clyde Helaire, Ekeler, dobbins are possibles. Its not a ppr league.

I would take Jones before Harris, yes, but I think I’m keeping Barkley. I would pick Barkley before Ridley in a draft, so I would keep him before Ridley. And putting Barkley together with Jones/Harris is a pretty lethal combination–could be two top 5 RBs.

Your 2nd and 3rd round picks should still be pretty fine WRs; Lamb/Woods maybe, maybe Metcalf/Lamb.

Thanks for replying. Barkley could hurt himself in the 1st 2 weeks. Harris can be top 5 … will do better than what leveon bell did his rookie season. but I see your point on barkley… he could be top guy if his knee holds up. if I can’t get Jones the next ranks are JT, Tyreek, stefon, ridley, kelce, metcalf, hopkins, mixon, najee.

I’d take Ridley. He’ll be a top WR for years to come. We don’t even know whether Barkley will survive this season. Why take a dart throw when you have a sure thing?