Keeper Help in .5 PPR League!

I’m in a Yahoo .5 PPR league and can keep 2 of these 3 players with the round they would occupy:

Stefon Diggs (6th Round)
Justin Jefferson (7th Round)
Antonio Gibson (8th Round)

I’m thinking Diggs and Gibson because of the value and Jefferson only had 88 receptions last year but was crazy efficient…but this is a tough one! Thanks!

In my rankings, Jefferson and Diggs aren’t too far apart. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of these two, I’d lean towards Jefferson and Gibson. Jefferson’s upside hasn’t been tapped yet. I hate to use a Randy Moss comparison, but it’s there: A crazy good Vikings receiver.

Thanks! I don’t think I can’t go wrong with any two but am definitely keeping Gibson because of the value. He has RB1 upside this year. Just hope he gets third down duties.

Gibson is a good receiver. I can’t see why he wouldn’t, other than they want to limit his touches. But even as a 2 down back, Gibson is still top half of the NFL, and possibly an RB1. I toyed with trading Derrick Henry for Gibson, if that tells you the potential there.