Which Keeper should I keep? Please help!

Here are the players and what round I can get them for this year. 12 Team, 1/2 PT PPR league.

TE Darren Waller in the 5th Round
QB Josh Allen in the 6th Round
RB Antonio Gibson in the 7th Round

Thank you in advance for your responses!

I assume you mean you can only keep one, in which case I’d keep Waller. He is easily among the top 3 at TE. The top tier for QB runs deeper than 3, plus you can stream lower rated QB’s for top tier performance. Gibson is my second choice, although that is based more on potential upside, which isn’t guaranteed.

In summary, Waller can help you dominate a league, but Gibson can only “maybe” help you dominate a league. Go with the sure thing.

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Gibson in the 7th is a steal. You could end up using him in a flex. Unreal value. You can build a strong team after that


Waller is significantly better than more TE’s. Gibson isn’t.

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