Keeper question on RB

I’m the 3rd pick in the draft of my 12 team league and can’t decide which player to keep. I would lose my pick for whatever ADP that player is at draft time. I’m between Jonathan Taylor and Antonio Gibson. As of right now, Taylor would be my 1st round or Gibson would be my 2nd.

I think I’m leaning Gibson as long as he stays in the second. I don’t think Taylor is worth 3rd overall and I’m hoping to get another stud RB there, making Gibson my RB2.

So which should I keep? Also if Taylor creeps into the second round, who should I keep then? Thanks!

I don’t really like either of them, but between the two, I’d keep Gibson for a 2nd round pick over Taylor for a first round pick.

If you can get Taylor for your 2nd round pick, then yeah–because that would be pick 2.10, and there’s no way Taylor would fall that far in a real draft. I expect Taylor to be more of an RB2 than an RB1 this season anyway, so a late 2nd pick would be appropriate for him.

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Gibson has more upside than Taylor. Gibson is more of a CMC-style runner, whereas Taylor is more straight line (find the hole, turn into it, run as fast as you can, don’t fumble).