Keeper League - PPR Can Keep 2 (Max 2 Years)

We can keep a player for a maximum of 2 years (after the draft year). Each year we keep a player, he moves up one round. Players picked up from waivers can be kept for a 7th round pick. I have put the draft round for this year in brackets.

Here is my roster at the end of last year

QB - Matthew Stafford (10th Round)

RB - Javonte Williams (3rd Round)
RB - Cordarrelle Patterson (7th Round)
RB - Michael Carter (5th Round)
RB - Rashaad Penny (7th Round)
RB - Damien Harris (11th Round)
RB - Darrell Henderson (2nd Round)

WR - Jerry Jeudy (7th Round)
WR - Elijah Moore (8th Round)
WR - Chase Claypool (4th Round)
WR - Darnell Mooney (8th Round)

TE - Dawson Knox (7th Round)

Right now I’m leaning towards Javonte in the 3rd and Jeudy in the 7th.

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Tuff roster but I would go with Williams and Mooney.

Your two best values are Mooney and Harris.

None of these players is a screaming value at those costs. Javonte for a 3rd is okay, though. Gordon or not, he does have a safe RB2 floor and RB1 upside.

None of the WRs looks appealing to me, though. With Jeudy, we don’t know if he or Sutton will be Russell’s preferred target. Moore has potential, but I wouldn’t touch any Jets pass catcher at the moment. Claypool is way too expensive at 4th. And Mooney is the WR1 of a terrible passing offense.

I’d consider keeping Damien Harris. He’s at least a good depth piece, if not a solid RB2. For an 11th, that’s good value and takes a lot of pressure off the RB position during the draft.

I like Harris and Williams