Keeper Help 10 team PPR

Need help with my keeper in my PPR 10 team draft. I’m pick 9/10

Options are:

  • David Montgomery round 8
  • Josh Jacobs round 3 (don’t know why people don’t like him this year)
  • JK Dobbins round 14

Jacobs may be ok in the 4th to 5th round, but he’s no bargain in Round 3, and you’d be sad if you kept David Montgomery, so Dobbins is the only rational choice you have.

That’s what I was thinking. Hard to believe I made it to the championship with such bad keeper options lol. Dobbins has a lot of upside for round 14 but rookies blow up keeper leagues lol. Got someone with JJets round 16, another with Jonathan Taylor round 5…shit hurts haha

Let’s look at Dobbins. He didn’t play last season due to injury. The year before, his rookie season, he had 805 yards rushing and 9 td’s, along with 18 catches for 120 yards.

Remember, in Baltimore, the main RB is Lamar Jackson. When Jackson gets hurt, then it’s Huntley.

While Dobbins is a good RB, he’ll be lucky to sniff 1000 yards in Baltimore’s RBBC behind Jackson. I’d look elsewhere for RB help.

Jacobs is probably the least bad choice here. While he’s no bargain in round 3, you can be assured the Raiders will run him into the ground because they won’t have him next year. If he can stay healthy, he might have round 1 upside, but that is a big if.

Monty is the cheap choice here, but Khalil Herbert is breathing down his neck. If you go with Monty, then you should try to get Herbert later as the handcuff.

Speaking of handcuffs, if you go with Jacobs, grabbing Zamir White as a handcuff would be good for next year’s keeper choice, since you’ll know who the Raiders starting RB will be going into the season, and you’ll have both potential starters to choose from, with White coming on the cheap. White might even be a potential flex play this season, depending on how the Raiders use him to spell Jacobs.

None of the above. :slight_smile:

I do not like any and see them all as 5th or 6th round picks. Dobbins is cheaper.
Look for a trade. Some may like Montgomery.

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I guess you have higher standards than I do, but if my 14th round pick sniffs 1000 yards and 10 TDs, I’m pretty pleased.

Honestly there’s no risk with either Dobbins or Monty here. With your 8th and 14th rd picks you’re getting nowhere near that talent.

In the 3rd round though you can get comparable or BETTER than Jacobs, so he’s the only one I wouldn’t consider.

Dobbins for a 14th though…you can’t go wrong there. This is like kicker-drafting territory. Zero risk.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Of the three Jacobs is most likely to be top 5 but the third round is basically his ADP. In round 14 I’m thinking I have a solid RB2 so late that it doesn’t matter. That way it gives me the chance for a zero RB strategy at the beginning, draft solid WR and a solid QB, then get like Breece Hall in round 4/5 or something, maybe Pollard or Kareem Hunt later as a backup/flex. If I end up with the following it feels pretty good:

Josh Allen
Breece Hall
JK Dobbins
Jamaar Chase
Flex (kareem hunt, pollard, etc)

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