Keeper for dynasty league: who would you choose?

10-team PPR league. Up to 6 keepers for 2023, and transition to dynasty in 2024. I draft 4th overall.

Top 5 keepers are:
WR Justin Jefferson
WR Amon-Ra St. Brown
WR Calvin Ridley
TE T.J. Hockenson
QB Justin Herbert

For the 6th keeper, you must choose 1 of these 3 scenarios. Which one would you choose?

  1. Keep Joe Mixon, but forfeit 2nd round pick (16th overall)
  2. Keep Isaiah Pacheco, forfeit no picks
  3. Trade J.K. Dobbins, no 6th keeper, but receive 2nd round pick (11th overall)

Why can’t you keep Dobbins? Getting the 11th overall pick for him sounds like a steal, but after 50 keepers, it’s probably more like the 35th overall pick, so more like a push.

I guess if you like what you think you can get with that pick, then make the deal, but Dobbins is now two years removed from his knee surgery, and even playing through that last year, he still sports a career average of 5.9 yards per carry. If the Ravens can elevate their passing game to competency this season, Dobbins should have a big year–borderline RB1. I would keep him if at all possible.

Barring that, I’d keep Pacheco.

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Thanks for the insight! That’s exactly my thoughts regarding the draft pick value. It’s probably my least favorite choice of the 3 scenarios.

I could keep Dobbins and forfeit a 6th round pick, which I’ve considered. I think that’s great value and I would like him on my team. He’s got a high ceiling, but for my only RB choice, he’s missed a lot of games. That’s probably my only hangup.

Pacheco is what he is but costs me no draft picks and was mostly consistent.

I’d love to get Gibbs at the 4th pick, but if he isn’t there, I’d be fine to take Dobbins as he’ll probably be available. That’s probably why I don’t feel I have to keep Dobbins.

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