10 man keeper league, need 2

So i have an upcoming draft, keeper league and its 2 keepers. 6 points TDs, 4 points passing TDs, .5 ppr, .25 rushing attempt. The problem is i can only keep 2 out of: J. Taylor, C. McCaffery, Justin Jefferson, and Najee Harris (great draft last year). Obviously im keeping Taylor, need help with the 2nd! Im leaning towards McCaffery, but will it burn me again?!

Great draft. All things considered, I match the best WR with the best RB for a Dynamic Duo.

You should list the cost of each.

Thanks for the input, ive definitely thought of that. There is no cost, no loss of draft pick or anything. Just straight up keep 2 and then redraft whats left. So its even possible if i have a high enough pick, to get the one i dont keep. Thats a crap shoot though. The thought of a healthy McCaffrey/Taylor duo has me salivating but i wonder if Jefferson is the smart play. Also have Deebo as well :wink:, wish i could keep them all

Tuff choice in a crazy format. McCaffrey could well be the best or bust again.

I decided a couple years ago that a high risk in the top two picks is not worth it and have two trophies. Works for me.

IF you top gun goes down, real tuff to come back from. How much of a difference will he be over the season and playoffs? Not enough for me.