Keeper Guidance - 12 team .5 PPR

Now, we’re not drafting until close to the season, and things will change with the offseason, but…

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 WRT Flex, 1 WT Flex. Up to 3 keepers, except this year we voted to let the league champ keep 4 (as well as moving one of the keepers back a round), but the 4th has to be 9th round or later. If 2 players from same round are kept, one of them will be kept one round earlier.

I am league champ.

Options are Tyreek Hill (round 1), Amon Ra St. Brown (round 2), DJ Moore (round 3), Chris Olave (round 5), James Cook (round 5), Courtland Sutton (round 9), Jaylen Warren (round 10), Rashee Rice (round 11).

My current plan is to keep Rice, Cook, and Olave, moving Olave back to the 6th round, and choosing between Amon Ra, Tyreek, and Moore (in that current pecking order) depending on how the offseason unfolds. Anyone want to voice dissent with that plan?

The plan is good as long as SF does not add a top WR which some speculate will happen. St Brown is the choice as Hill is 29 and has said he will retire after the 2024 season. He can change but will not get younger.

When I had 3 keeper leagues I added a 4th bonus keeper but it had to be an undrafted player and would cost your last pick. It worked well and increased waiver interest.