Keeper Decision in half-PPR League

I am in a 12 team, half-PPR league. I am drafting 6th. Do I keep Javonte in the 6th round or Etienne in the 14th?

Both with big upside, Javonte with the lower floor, but Etienne being all the way in the 14th is a no-risk pick. Any advice is welcomed.

Javonte may have a lower ceiling, due to Gordon’s presence, but his floor is about as safe as it can get. Etienne has a lower floor, as we don’t know yet what his role will be. I don’t expect him to test against his floor, but if it will happen, he will be a bust.

His ceiling is almost unlimited, though. If (!) he would be used in a 3-down back role, he easily has top 5, if not top 3 upside. I wouldn’t bet on it, but the chance is there.

Anyway, as for your question, both are tempting options.

If you keep ETN, you would have to use your 1.06 to get Javonte back, without any guarantee that he will still be there.

If you keep Javonte, you should be able to get ETN back with the 2.07.

So if you want to have both on your 2022 roster, keep Javonte. If you can live with losing him, ETN in the 14th certainly offers the best value for money.

Good luck!

Keep Etienne in the 14th.