Keeper Advice in Full PPR

I’m after some advice on who people think I should select as my 2 keepers. Our rules are that you can keep a player 1 round after you draft them or in round 15 if they were signed from the waiver wire.

Ekeler is a no brainer in round 15 (First timer released him before the first game)
Who should I then take for Full PPR?
Dalvin Cook - Round 2
Davante Adams - Round 3
Joe Mixon - Round 6
Mark Andrews - Round 6
Deebo Samuel - Round 15
Cam Akers - Round 15
Amon-Ra St Brown - Round 15
TJ Hockenson - Round 15
Travis Etienne - Round 15

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This one’s easy: Etienne in round 15.

I don’t know how you don’t keep Etienne or Amon-Ra in the 15th, but it’s hard to argue burning a 6th and a 15th for an Ekeler/Mixon start too.

So Mixon probly gives you the strongest pair of keepers on paper, but also costs the most.

Etienne probly gives you the most draft value–and has the upside to be right there with Mixon in production.

Amon-Ra probly represents almost as good of a draft value as Etienne, with demonstrated potential for an almost unlimited ceiling–and helps balance your keepers between the RB and WR positions.

So pick your poison.

Ok, I hadn’t actually been considering him. I was looking at Dalvin in the 2nd, Andrews or Mixon in the 6th.

I’m not sure if I go for the value player or just try and get the best possible regardless of cost?

Welcome aboard!

This is a “floor or ceiling” question. Safe floor or do you shoot for the high ceiling?

Cook and Adams are your safe floors, although they cost you.

For an in-between pick, a bargain if you will, then you take Mixon.

For the high ceiling at a bargain basement price, St. Brown or ETN.

My choice? Adams in round 3 gives you the safest floor at the cheapest cost.

Dalvin in the 2nd - he hasn’t played a full season in forever. During the 13-14 games he plays, he’ll be great. But you will probably have to replace him in 3-4 games, which could include the playoffs.

Mixon in the 6th is an option. He played by far his most productive of his 5 NFL seasons last year. The question is if we can expect him to repeat that, or if some regression is due.

And Etienne has too much PPR potential to pass on him when you can get him essentially for free.

This per-game stat average doesn’t sound unrealistic:
4 catches = 4 FFP
40 receiving yards = 4 FFP
8-10 carries for 30 yards = 3 FFP
0.5 TD = 3 FFP
These stats would mean he has to split his carries with Robinson, doesn’t get a ton of passes and isn’t a prime target in the red zone. Far from a best case scenario. Still, the scores would add up to 238 FFP for the season. That would have made him the #8 RB in PPR last year.

In his last year in college, he ran for 76 yards per game, caught 4 passes for 50 yards, and scored 1.33 TDs per game on average. Now I certainly do not expect him to repeat those number in the NFL. But it gives you an idea of his PPR upside.

I’ll take Dalvin and my guaranteed ticket to the playoffs.

Until I see ETN play a significant number of games, and play them well, I’m not interested. Don’t forget, ETN plays for the “black hole of suck” that is Jacksonville!