Keeper help & Impact of Etienne Injury

I can keep Antonio Gibson for a 5th or James Robinson for a 10th. Gibson seemed like the logical choice until Etienne went down. Now I’m not so sure. Opinions?

I see your dilemma. When do you have to decide? I’d want to know more about Etienne’s injury. Best I can give you is “what if’s”.

If Etienne’s injury isn’t serious, then go with Gibson.

If Etienne’s injury is serious, Robinson seems like a steal with a 10th.

If Etienne’s injury is somewhere in-between, or even if the Jags aren’t being clear about it, Gibson may be your best bet, just to be safe. He isn’t a bad choice, just it’ll cost you more. Peace of mind is worth the heavier price, rather than go into the season unsure.

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Current news on Etienne is that he will be out for quite a while after surgery. Season may be over, or he may be able to return late in the season. I suspect that with the Jags likely being out of contention by Week 12 that they will just keep him on the shelf until next year, just to be safe.

That said, Urban Meyer coached Carlos Hyde in college, and he should become a bigger part of the offense now, muting the Robinson boost a little.

I’m not a big proponent of either RB, but this makes it more of a coin flip, to be sure.


Good analysis, and I agree.