Half PPR Keeper w/ SFLEX: Joe Mixon in 2nd or Javonte Williams in 6th?

I’m in a 10-team keeper league where we keep one player. Pretty standard half PPR with a Super Flex. I can keep Joe Mixon at Round 2 or Javonte Williams at Round 6. (I can also keep Cordarrelle Patterson at Round 18.) Who should I go with? I really like Mixon in Round 2, but Javonte’s draft price has considerable value. If Melvin Gordon wasn’t around, I’d almost surely go Javonte. Thoughts?

In 10 team SFLEX leagues, Mixon projects to come off the board early in round 2, and Javonte late in round 3 or early in round 4.

Javonte looks like the better value pick here. Depending on how QB heavy the first round will be, and when you will pick in round 2, there is a chance you can get Mixon back, or at least pick a somewhat similar RB.

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