Keeper Advice: Kelce 2nd Rd or Stevenson 9th Rd

12 team .5 PPR, (TE, WR, RB Flex Spot)

Rhamondre Stevenson as a 9th round pick

Or Travis Kelce as a 2nd round pick (13th overall)

I won the league last year and therefore have pick 12 and 13 overall. IF I do NOT keep Kelce, my recent mock drafts land any combination of AJ Brown, Ceedee Lamb, Davante Adams, or Derrick Henry at picks 12 and 13.

Does Kelce at 13 provide enough value? Or do I go with Stevenson even with the zeke signing?

Thanks In advance

Keep Kelce; there are tons of RB2 types out there, even into the 8th-10th rounds.

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Kelce has value in redraft but not keeper in this example. Stevenson is the much better keeper and with one of the WRs on top is a very easy choice.

Kelce gives you a positional advantage like no other player in the NFL–he scores a half-dozen more points per week than any other player at his position.

Stevenson is a high-end RB2. There are many players like him.

Keep the player that gives you an unquestioned advantage over every other team, and draft someone similar to your other option.