2nd year for keepers and I'm lost

League has been around for 13 years and the league had moved to a keeper league format last year. There’s 10 teams (possibly expanded this year to 12), PPR with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex(RB/WR/TE), 1DEF, 1K with 7 bench spots, and 2IR.

Rules set out are you had to draft them last year, have them on your season end roster, and there’s no year limit on how long you keep but they go against the draft round you took them last year.

My three considerations for keepers would be Kelce 1st round, Ekeler 2nd round, and Burrow 7th round. I’m leaning towards Kelece and Ekeler but was looking for others to weigh in on how crazy keeping Ekler and Burrows, freeing up my 1st round pick this year and possibly upgrading on Kelece as well as getting Burrows for my 7th round as I’m sure, unprotected he would go earlier.

Kelce gives you more of a positional advantage than Burrow does, and if you think of it as taking Ekeler and Kelce in the first two rounds, it doesn’t look that bad–considering that both of them typically go in the first five picks or so of most drafts.

You can get solid QBs late in a 12 teamer, even moreso in a 10 teamer.

Agree with Axe. Kelce is a great positional advantage. Ekeler and Kelce as your 1st and 2nd picks is pretty good. The value for Burrow is only a couple rounds. He’s going like 45-50 overall versus 70-80 for 7th round.

Kelce is no longer a 1st round keeper value due to age. Go with the other two.