Stevenson vs Lance in Keepers

Lance is round 12. I will need a 2nd QB here or waivers likely for Lawrence.

Stephenson is a 10. I have 2 #1 and 2 #2 RB’s but he could be a steal.

It would be sad if you are forced to keep one of these scrubs on your team.

If you can throw them both back, that would be the best option for your team.

You’re missing the Forrest my friend.

If your choice is Lance or Lawrence at QB, I’ll take Lance. As much as I like Stevenson, Lance has greater long-term potential, even if it is risky.

I would favor Lance in this instance

A good read on Stevenson.

Believe me, I am not sleeping on Stevenson. I have him in one keeper league, and I rejected a trade offer for him recently.

You and I both.

So you do play keepers.:slight_smile:

My bad. It was a dynasty league. I haven’t done a keeper league in about 15 years.

But have doing one on your mind. lol

Not at all. Keepers are too restrictive.

Strange that I would say the same of Dynasty.

On the contrary. In dynasty, you decide how many draft picks you get by how many players you cut before the draft. In keeper leagues, you are required to cut a certain number of players.

And on the yang, there are very few players worth drafting. The rookie draft is a highlight and not the action I’ve seen in moves and trades. To each their own.

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Stevenson is another red herring; a preseason darling that turns into a pumpkin once the season starts. If nothing else gives you pause, at least consider that he’s a Patriots’ RB, and Bill Belichik is still the coach of the Patriots.