10 team PPR (0.1 per completion) Salary Cap Keeper help

I’m in a 10 team PPR salary cap league. Scoring is pretty standard except QBs get 6 pts per passing touchdown and 0.1 points per completion. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 RWT Flex, and 1 Def. The draft has a $200 budget and is pretty competitive. QBs are pretty undervalued typically in the league with teams spending an average of only $6.10 on their starting QB last year. I dominated the end of the season last year and am stuck with a team for which I’m struggling to pick keepers. The rules are that they cost $5 more than they cost last year, either by the draft or via FAAB pickup.

Here are the keeper costs I’m choosing between:
Justin Herbert (QB): $6
Josh Allen (QB): $7
Davante Adams (WR): $45
Allen Robinson (WR): $28
Brandin Cooks (WR): $5
Stefon Diggs (WR): $19
Derrick Henry (RB): $15
David Montgomery (RB): $8
Darren Waller (TE): $11

Several of these guys are at amazing prices. Waller’s a little tricky because we don’t start a TE except in the flex position. Adams is at about what I estimate his accurate cost would be, but knowing my league, he’s gonna go for $10-20 more. Allen is tricky. He’s one of the few QBs in the league people may bid decently on. He’s at the price I’d typically spend on a QB here too, so he makes a really tempting offer, but I generally have a policy to never keep a QB since I can usually get a top 5 one for well under $10. I had Montgomery on my bench most of last season until he turned it around at the end. I normally would hold off on him, but drafting a 2nd RB is really tough in this league. I had to spend almost $35 on Todd Gurley last year, and that did not go over very well.

I’m leaning toward Henry, Diggs, and either Allen or Montgomery, but I really hate to lose my #1 ranked receiver at cost when I know he’ll go for more.

If you can keep all that you want, I would keep…

Heck, that’s a starting lineup, and with the $101 you have left, you can probly get a solid RB3 and WR3 for $20 each (Lamb, Davis) and STILL have $60 left for 2 flex and your bench depth!

Now you’re starting Allen, Henry, Montgomery, Davis, Adams, Diggs, Lamb, Cooks.

That’s pretty freaking stout, and your bench is going to be deep as well.

(I’d pick up Aiyuk or Golladay to start over Cooks.)

I don’t give out a lot of As, but that would be about as close to an A+ draft as I have ever seen (aided by the keepers, of course).

I can only keep 3. That’s why I’m stuck.

Then it’s probly Henry, Diggs, and Montgomery.