Keep or drop Julio Jones?

Julio has bee on my bench all season, while there is a chance he may score later in the season when/ if he gets healthy enough, I am 3-4 (8th place), need to stack wins. Should I drop Julo for any of these - Judy, Devonta Smith, Marvin Jones, Kirk ?

My Current Team
QB - Mahomes
WR - Dionte Johnson, AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin, Julio
RB -Chubb, Henderson, Eli Mitchel, Javonte Williams, D’Ernest Johnson
TE - Fant

I don’t expect Julio to get a lot more effective this season. He may still have a few good games, but the times where he was a surefire starter are gone for good.

I’d try to trade him, though. There are still many Julio believers out there who are ready to overpay for a big name.


I agree with Zak here. Try to trade him first, but then drop him for Smith if this is a redraft league. If it’s dynasty, grab Jeudy.


I wouldn’t rule out Jeudy for redraft leagues, either. Yes, the Broncos look underwhelming on offense, but so do the Eagles. And for the Broncos, I see at least a chance that they will improve with Jeudy’s return. Bridgewater is not a terrible QB. His completion rate looks good, and Jeudy may be just the weapon he’s missing.

Hurts OTOH still is a terrible passer. Don’t let his QB6 status fool you. He’s good as a fantasy QB, but not as an NFL QB. And the Eagles have a good matchup this week, but a pretty tough schedule afterwards. Denver’s schedule looks pretty good, though.