Aaron Jones out now too? Left with James Conner, help with free agent pick

Well, it started out great, CMC and Aaron Jones made up for my QBs, now all of my RBs are injured except James Conner and Zack Moss. Not really trusting James Conner. Nyheim Hines is still available, do I pick him up for Week 4?

Top available in my league:
Nyheim Hines,
JD Mckissic
Peyton Barber

Current players on bench:
Aaron Jones
Amari Cooper
Antonio Brown
Dallas Goedert
Darrell Henderson
Trey Lance (I have Garropolo as my QB flex so I have to hold on to him for later, maybe, no other QBs worth picking up in league)

I haven’t seen anything that would suggest that Aaron Jones is out for Week 4.

my CBS sports league has him listed as limited practice on Wednesday, Questionable Week 4, so I guess not technically out yet, and hopefully not at all (crossing all body parts)

Yes, he has an ankle injury that limited him in practice, but I still haven’t seen anything that would suggest that he won’t play on Sunday.

Jones was just limited in practice, and is listed as questionable. He will probably be ok to play Sunday, but I can appreciate your concern.

Also, Darrell Henderson is in a similar situation, and might play Sunday, so you might get him back.

That said, if you find out early on Sunday that Jones AND Henderson are both inactive, ONLY THEN would I consider dropping one of your bench players for a replacement. But then I would drop Conner for Nyheim. That may not be a bad idea anyway, assuming you are in a PPR format.

Under his current RB coach when the two were in Pittsburgh, James Conner posted 1,470 yards and 13 TDs. I think you’ll be glad you held him here in a couple of weeks.

And Conner was much younger and less beat up then. Conner hasn’t shown any hint of breaking 1400 yards or 13 td’s so far. Ignore AxeElf on this one.

And he won’t get that many yards, even as he emerges as the lead back; it’s not that kind of an offense. But he’s currently on pace for 11.3 TDs–and he hasn’t fully emerged yet–so 13 TDs is certainly on the table.

Conner won’t fully emerge either, in an offense where Kyler Murray decides who gets the td’s. Plus he got his only two td’s in one game against the pathetic JAX defense. He got goose-egged by TEN and MIN, who aren’t great run defenses. Using an aberration game to justify a season-result is a bad way to make predictions. If Conner can score 2 td’s against the Rams today, I’ll accept your point. Some of the other names on a pace to 11.3 rushing td’s, based on your logic: Josh Jacobs (only played on game), Kareem Hunt, Latavius Murray, Zack Moss, and Melvin Gordon. so rush out and get these RB’s now, cause AxeElf is calling for a big year for all of them!

Also, why do you keep mentioning Conner’s 1400 yard season if you know he won’t get that many? You keep dangling that like some high upside carrot that is completely out of reach. Right now, he’s on a pace to get 691 rushing yards in a 17 game season. He won’t even get to half of that 1400 yards.

Oh Wow, Axe Elf Was Right All Along season rolls on…

Because Conner also worked with his current RB position coach that year in Pittsburgh.

You mean “half right”. As long as you keep touting the 1400 yards, you’re only getting credit for the TD’s. And Conner only rushed for 50 yards today. Derrick Henry isn’t scared of losing his rushing title for the moment…

The 1400 yards (1470, axually) was what he posted with Pittsburgh the last time he worked under his current position coach. Nobody’s saying that he’s going to get 1400 yards THIS season.

Reading comprehension; it’s not just for geeks any more.

Your problem is you mention it without any point, leading one to infer you are suggesting Conner could possibly reach that level of yardage production, which is nearly impossible for him now.

And by the way, 4 td’s over 2 games, with one of those games against the wretched Jaguars, does NOT mean Conner will continue getting 2 td’s per game, or even one. Frankly, it’s not impossible Conner could end the season with JUST those 4 td’s. So you can cut your victory parade now, because we have a lot of games to go. Murray is still driving that offense, with Conner as an afterthought.

I’ll just trust that everyone else in the universe understands what I was saying, and leave it at that.

Welp, this din’t age well–that’s 13 TDs for Conner and it’s only Week 11… Hopefully nobody ignored AxeElf on this one.

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And he has 555 yards. It’s not looking like he’s going to break 1400 yards. I give you credit for half a prediction.

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Look who’s back! Thought you had retired after winning too much money on DFS. :sweat_smile:

Oh, and I’d have a “that didn’t age well” post for you, too. But I’m too lazy to dig up the old Austin Ekeler discussion . :sunglasses:

I give you credit for half a brain. Nobody ever said he would get 1400 yards; in fact, Axe Elf specifically stated he would NOT gain 1400 yards–twice, since you weren’t processing it then, either:

It’s apparently not for Ed, either…

You get one thing right, and you’re genius? Have at it!