Keep Cook or Burrow or someone else?

I am in a 10 team keeper league. We keep 6 players every season. Half PPR. Starters: 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 FLEX, 1 TE, 1 DEF, 1 K
7 Bench players.

I am keeping for sure
1 Justin Jefferson
2 Jamar Chase
3 Tyreek Hill

I also have the following players as potential keepers:

Jonathan Taylor
Travis Etienne
Joe Burrow
James Cook
Jameson Williams

My inclination is to keep Taylor, Etienne, and Burrow, but Cook is enticing.

The reasoning behind keeping Burrow is that I want to team him with Jamar Chase and the amount of quarterbacks that may be available to me by the time I get my first pick, pick 69, has me concerned that I will not get a top end quarterback.

I realize there’s a possibility that Cook may fall to me with the ninth pick in the seventh round but he is climbing up the ladder quickly.


You are nailing it. I would easily take Jameson over Cook. Screw the ladder.

Not sure why everyone’s so excited about Devin Singletar… er… James Cook this year.

You were correct, Taylor, Etienne and Burrow is the answer.

I love Jameson. I was planning on taking him as well. Do you think I should keep Jameson over Joe Burrow? Given the potential problem with quarterbacks?

No, you would be grossly overpaying. Let him come to you.

FYI, I kept Jameson on IR for a year, same as I did with Etienne, and traded him for a #1 pick which turns out to be Robinson at 1.04 in my keeper league.

Then, I get him back after suspension for a 2nd rounder this year. Stay tuned.

Jameson is now two exits past “exciting young prospect” and well on his way to “colossal bust.”

He has now missed basically the entirety of his first two preseasons in the league and got himself suspended for gambling, In the 6 games he was active last season, he caught 1 of his 9 targets–granted, for a 41 yard TD. He also carried the ball 1 time–again, for 40 yards.

So two touches in 6 games–though they were admittedly impressive touches–and in the only preseason action he had this year, he caught only 2 of his 7 targets (for a much less impressive 18 yards).

So impressive to iffy in four touches…

Taylor and Etienne definitely. Keep Burrow so you don’t have to worry about quarterback which you have to address and could be without better options. With six keepers people are probably going to keep a lot of quarterbacks. There will be other options besides Cook. Maybe even draft him if you’d like and there are no better options. Williams is a joke. And now he’s injured and out for the rest of the preseason. Nothing is going right for him. You’re in the NFL and you can make millions of dollars. Don’t gamble. Very simple and straightforward. If you do. You’re an idiot. Some people just don’t get it and probably never will.