I'm in a 8 team PPR Keepers lea

I’m in a 8 team PPR Keepers League. I am currently 3-7. I want to trade my next years 1 st round pick for Dalvin Cook. Is it worth it or should I ride it out and keep the pick for myself.

Keep the pick. Cook is well into his career, and you could easily get a decent rookie RB.


I agree with Ed. There are only 2 elite RBs I would try to trade for in dynasty/keeper: Jonathan Taylor and Najee Harris. Maybe D’Andre Swift, if you want to call him elite.

RBs regress quickly. Some quicker than others. But few RBs keep posting big numbers after they reached 25. Cook is 26 and shows heavy signs of regression. And at that age, he won’t bounce back.

CMC, Henry, Kamara, Zeke are all tempting targets, because we know what they did in recent years. But when you reach for a player, you don’t invest in his past production, you invest in his future, And the future is cloudy for all these guys.

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Makes sense. Thank you.

With the exception of…wait for it…Cordarrelle Patterson!

Sorry, had to get that one in!

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