K Toney or C. Watson PPR?

K. Toney or Christian Watson full ppr ROS??

Little concerned about Toney as I am not sure if he got opportunities week 10 due to absence of Hardman and Juju…

I share those concerns, but Watson raises quite a few questions himself.

While the Packers looked solid on Sunday, I’d still say the Chiefs are the much more dependable offense. That would speak for Toney. But Watson has less competition in Green Bay.

Both are players that had one good week so far, and we don’t know if that’s a fluke or a new trend.

Flip a coin.

I favor Toney but qualify it with a very tuff schedule coming. I saw him a lot in college and the kid has tremendous talent. I believe Andy Reid and Mahomes bring out the best in him.

Watson looked great but after dropping 3 passes earlier. He had had multiple injuries and a new one from last week. However, he could be a legit starter.

Close call but calling Toney.