RB to drop for bye week DST/TE

14 team NFL.com PPR league (1pt/1o yds, 6pt/td, -2pt fumble). I have Gibson, Swift, D. Williams (CHI), J. Williams (DEN), Davis, & Mitchell.

I messed up on bye weeks, so am dumping JuJu & a backup RB to pick up my week 6 TE & DST streamers.

My take is Davis or Mitchell…Davis is solid but unspectacular & limited with Cordarelle getting more time, Mitchell appears to be on top of Sermon but may be used less if Lance is at QB…

I’m almost tempted to keep both and risk going with an empty TE or DST slot.


I’d let Davis go, He is goal line dependent with the emergence of CP and has a fairly rough schedule specifically during playoffs., Mitchell has more upside even with lance since he has good pass catching skills. I’d chalk him in the J.D. McKissic type role. You have 2 solid rb’s and a good flex in WIlliams(Den) and D Will.

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Thanks for your thoughts and answer!

That had been my original lean, though I’ve been flip-flopping since… Mitchell may have competition from Wilson in several weeks and Shanahan can make fantasy coaches’ lives hard. On the other side, Davis has been steady but nothing exciting. While not sure how much is due to Patterson’s playing time and how much is Davis’ inefficiency, my thinking is the latter so low ceiling no matter what.

Sooo…likely Mitchell unless others can mount a strong enough argument against, lol!

Mitchell seems like a reasonable drop at this point. After his great first week, he has been borderline worthless.

Personally leaning towards Davis, he has been not a huge factor. The committee of 49er sounds more promising than Davis in my opinion.

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