Must drop either T. Lockett or C. Godwin - help me decide

Bye week Roster problems - Have to cut 1 of them
Standard Scoring
Which 1 would you keep ?

Available free agents to replace - WHO DO YOU LIKE ?
C. Sutton DEN
C. Watson GB
M. Brown ARI (injured)
R. Moore ARI
K. Toney KC

Thanks for your help

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I love Christian Watson at this point. He has strong upside.

As for Lockett or Godwin, I’d drop Lockett. I just don’t see any upside from him.

Lockett’s per-game production is 25% higher than Godwin’s so far. I’d keep Lockett and go after Watson as well.

Why do you have to drop one WR just to pick up another?

Keep Godwin over Lockett, but it’s stupid to drop Lockett for almost any of those guys, other than maybe Moore–or Toney as a speculative add.

I have an emergency doctors appointment with a neurologist after posting this to have my head examined as I have to agree with 'lil Elfie.

Funky league rules and bye week problems create this situation. Only 3 WR’s on roster, start 2.
I agree with you… Thanks