Young Guns I like for Week 11

I really like KC’s Toney vs Charger D. Their WRs are still banged up and looked VG last week. I have him at WR 2.

I like GB’s Watson vs Titans. He is the most explosive WR they have. WR 2

George Pickins has done well with a bad QB and Dionte getting lots of unearned targets. Pickins has out played him the last 6 weeks. WR 3

Jets WR Wilson has looked good the last two weeks with QB Wilson. He is up vs Pats and Jets should not be able to run much. However going against the Pats off a bye is not wise. I would expect 2-3 picks.

Roster & Watch Titans Burks tonight. He has not really played much so far due to injury. He came back last week for some snaps and needs to step it up starting tonight. He is far and away the most talented WR n Tenn. and their #1 pick. The top WR with a ton of targets is there for the taking with Tannyhill at QB.

Off to a great start with Watson getting 19 and Burks 14 half PPR points.

Watson got 2 scores with 48 yards and 4 catches. I was surprised Rogers did not give him more targets but he has only been in for two weeks.

Burks actually impressed me more catching 7 of 8 for 111. Post game Tannehill said he was coming on early in the season but got banged up. He is now just starting to show his talent and will get better and better. Analysts have said he has the talent to at least somewhat replace AJ Brown. Need to see more.

With Mecole Hardman (abdomen) having landed on injured reserve Thursday, Toney figures to see added opportunities in the coming weeks, Charles Goldman of the USA Today reports.

Advice: Hardman isn’t eligible to return to action before Week 15, so Toney should see his share of snaps in the meantime, beginning with Sunday night’s game against the Chargers. In his second contest for the Chiefs since coming over in a trade with the Giants, Toney hauled in four of his five targets for 57 yards and a TD and rushed twice for 33 yards in the team’s Week 10 win over the Jaguars.

I’m seeing analyst reports from Yahoo, PFF and CBS on Burks after TNF. All are now labeling him an upside WR 3. I believe he moves up to a WR2 in a couple weeks. Very glad I held on to him all this time.

Toney re-injured his hammy early, did nothing and is likely out for week 12.

Pickins went off for 16 and dropped a 50 yard score. He looks to be taking over #1 in Pitt.

Wilson did suffer QB Wilson being a train wreck and did nothing.

Young guns did as I expected.