Andrews at 2 or Waller or Schultz at 3

I have the 6th pick. So far In the mocks it looks like either Kupp or Jefferson will be available and I’ll be selecting one of them. Pick 2 Mark Andrews is available, but so are Hill , Lamb. My question is would you pass on Andrews to pick up Hill or Lamb and then get Waller or Schultz with the 3rd pick. Or pick up Andrews at 2 and then get Pittman or Mike Williams at 3. I’m not drafting any RBs until round 6-7 if that helps. Thanks

You’d draft a TE in Round 2, but you won’t draft any RBs until Round 6-7?

I don’t think I can help you.

When it’s all said and done I’ve got 3-4 top 15 WRs. Top 3 TE Top 3 QB. Then sit and wait for Elliot or Cook or Akers or who ever else to get hurt. Plug in the handcuff to go along with Chase or Dillon.

Yeah, hopefully you’ll be able to overcome those 7 losses early in the season once Alexander Mattison takes over for Cook.

I’ll be fine. Thanks! It’s worked more than it hasn’t

I do not agree with your thinking but that was not your question.

I much prefer Andrews/Pittman over Hill/Waller or Lamb/Schultz.

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Welcome aboard! Don’t mind Axel the lawn gnome. He treats everyone like a rabid pitbull.

I’d go for Lamb and Waller. Now if you can get Pitts in the 4th round, then take Pittman instead in the 3rd round. You didn’t mention the number of starting WR’s and/or flex positions?

Hahahaa. Typical social media. Thanks
It’s a 2 WR and 2 flex league, RB, TE, WR. I have taken this approach before , drafting WRs that are either top tier or ones that I think will end up top tier by playoffs. TE nailed me last year so I’m approaching that position differently this year

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Like I said, if you can get Pitts in the 4th round, you’ll have an elite TE, plus 3 top notch WR’s.

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I may have been wrong. I thought this was a keeper draft. Yes?

Nope. Redraft league

Then I have to agree with my friend. GODDAMNIT!!! Hate when he is right. :slight_smile: