Joe Pisapia AMA

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When does FantasyPros plan on updating the rankings for the paying customers?

Hi Joe
So awesome to follow you guys from Denmark!
I’m in a 10 team, superflx, 1/2 ppr league and I have the 1st pick.
The easy choice is CMC but I’m really torn between him and D. Cook.
Can you just help me?

Joe… Great job on the podcast. How are you liking the new position at FantasyPros so far? Any interesting stories from the inside? :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi Joe! Loved the coverage of the draft you guys did, especially Kyle’s anxiety during the Bears trade up. My question is who do you think should be the second WR off the board after Chase in 1QB dynasty rookie drafts now that we know landing spots? Specifically Devonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle?

Hey Joe, huge fan of you’re guys show. Big Steelers fan here. I have a crazy theory about how we went about our draft this year. We definitely needed offense line help, but we went skill positions first with RB and TE which don’t get me wrong ( I love the picks) just feel we should have addressed the line first for Big ben. Unless here’s where my theory comes in. Our o-line isn’t as bad if we have a mobile QB in like Haskins, or even Rudolph. And if that’s true, do you think that’s how the Steelers organization is looking at it. They brought him back this year despite everything going on. But if he gets hurt early in the year and one of the back ups fill in like they wanted to this year no harm no foul on them this way.

Do you think Kadarius Toney makes a fantasy impact in 2021?

Hey, Joe: I hear you’ve been working on some quarterback profile lately. Who do you think will be some undervalued options in 2QB/Superflex leagues this year?

Greetings! Very cool that you are following us in Denmark. It’s on my list of places to visit. 10 team SF, I think I would still go CMC and the good news is that in a shallow league the risk is slightly less with a better waiver wire. Nothing wrong with Cook (who has injury past as well) or even Derrick Henry in the .5 PP format. But if CMC scares you, just have a plan for the bench and take advantage of the deep WR pool. In a 10 Team league there are plenty to go around and even play matchups, Cheers!

Thank you my friend! Appreciate you listening. Loving being with FP and as far as “the inside scoop”…hmmm Tags sleeps in his baseball cap and Dan Harris a giant Teddy Bear despite his gruff exterior.


Thank you for watching and yes, Yates was classic. Great question btw. I think in dynasty I would rather have Waddle, but Smith may be a better first year player in terms of PPR potential. If you are a “win now” team, Smith could put you over the top. Waddle need Tua to develop for the next season or so to reach his potential.

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Hey Joe…Going to offer Strasberg and T. Antone for Kyle Gibson. Should I do it?

When will this year’s fantasy football black book be released?

Hey Joe! Any dynasty value in guys that showed flashes last year like Ahmed or Hasty?

Thank you my friend! I agree the O line needs help and Big Ben’s lack of mobility does expose it further. I don’t think they look at the other guys on the roster as viable replacements, nor is FA an option in '22. It’s going to have to be a draft pick in 2022. If the Jalen Hurts experiment fails in Philly I could see him being a target. New HC there, not “his guy” they could move him and take picks for him. BUT Harris is so good he will help the O line. Great talents help. But a great O Line with a great RB makes for a special possibility.

Honestly, it would take a Shepard injury and Daniel Jones playing very well. I would not hold my breath. He may show some flashes in a few games down the stretch as defenses wear down. To me, not a great 2021 investment.

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Well DHarris (whoever that may be) I think Kirk Cousins as a QB2 in SF is very interesting. Slow starter two years in a row. From The upcoming new Black Book " **In September of 2019, Cousins threw for just 3 TDs and 2 INT with 183 passing YPG. The next two months, Cousins threw for 18 TDs and 1 INT with 288 passing YPG. Through Cousins’ first 6 games of 2020, 11 TD/10 INT/245 passing YPG. Over the next 10 games, 24 TD/3 INT/279 passing YPG."
I also think Ryan Fitzpatrick is an interesting QB2, and Lawrence and Burrow may have more 2021 upside than Jalen Hurts.

My Strasburg tolerance is at an all time low. If you are in a dog fight, I will Gibson.

June 1 on Amazon my friend! We are working feverishly! Incredible crew this year too!

A bit in Ahmed actually since the Dolphins didn’t come a way with an RB in the draft. Gaskin as well. That’s a good backfield to speculate on this offseason on the cheap.