Latest Updates on Week 17

This comes from CBS now.

Hurts will not play.
Minshew, White and Rogers are all in the same boat. However, Saints have only allowed 3 QBs to score over 19 all year. White is still my choice.

Watson is a shaky game time choice. It appears that IF he does play he will be limited.
I have to go with Lazard vs a bad Minny pass D.

I made a business decision and benched Josh Jacobs in favor of Brandon Aiyuk (or maybe Jahan Dotson, who still intrigues me).

“Start your studs” are usually words to live by. But Jacobs lost steam in recent weeks, and now the entire Raiders offense is in shambles and plays against the best run defence in the league. I just don’t see a scenario in which Jacobs is having a good game today.

I tend to agree. Any RB not named Jim Brown is not gonna do much vs this D with no pass game.

Something to consider with Jax players. This game is meaningless. Win or lose they play for the division next week.

They could take Lawrence and ETN out early. With Lawrene being hurt to start I have to consider replacing him in a finals game.

Or the Raiders offense looks better than ever, torches the best D in the league left and right, and Jacobs could put up a decent game.

Sure, that’s an option, too. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Why do you think they call it fantasy? :slight_smile:

Unbelievable game. However, it still turned out to be the right decision to start Aiyuk (22.20 fantasy points) over Jacobs (17.50).

Should have started Jacobs over Rachaad White (7.30), though.

Matchup is still looking good. I’m leading by 10, and still have Josh Allen and Najee Harris to go. He has Joe Burrow and Dawson Knox.

You are leading a charmed life so far. Hope it continues for you.

I won my finals game but, not really and it goes to week 18 to be continued.

My 7 position starters, other than Herbert with 16, actually scored totaling over 130 points. Of course this comes a week after our season was finished. lol

I have a 9 point lead over the mave in the 3rd place game but he has Allen going tonight. At least I made it competitive without Hurts and Taylor.

The South Beach draft order is partially set:

1 Bruisers

  1. Ernest

3 Sicarios

4 South Beach (from Cosmic)

5 South Beach

6 Cosmic (from Village)

It will finish out after tonight’s results. I see Bruisers and Ernest keeping J Taylor and McCaffrey but we shall see.

My trade did not go as I had hoped or as had been speculated by others, just adding to my very disappointing 2022 season.

If it’s any consolation - I still hate you for making it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It could still be the 2nd overall, as I also think JT and CMC will be kept. And Gibbs won’t be a huge downgrade to Bijan, if any at all.

Thanks, that does help. I see this as adding Johnston for Jameson which cannot be considered an upgrade. The 3rd pick was and is mine. Not yet sure I consider Gibbs as the #2 RB.

I hope this does not reduce the hate. lol

I have to give credit to Tim’s Cosmic Surfers and Ernest’s teams who finished as last two in our season due to many injuries. They did not stop giving their all.

Both were adding players and Tim’s team was high score in week 16 with Ernest the high score in week 17 with Tim likely second.

This says a lot about them and the competition in this league.