Interesting Day 2 picks

Just a few picks that stood out to me on day 2 (not counting Zach Charbonnet who was discussed in another post):

Saints RB Kendre Miller is an interesting runner with good size and decent top speed and moves, as well as a nose for the end zone.

The Panthers solved one of their big WR problems by getting Jonathan Mingo, who looks like he could be an alpha WR for them. If he can pick up the offense quickly, I could see him even making some noise this year.

Broncos WR Marvin Mims is a little small (5’10"), but he does have the skills and speed to be a decent 4th round pick in a rookie draft, possibly even 3rd round. He runs some darned good routes as well. The best thing about him is his hands. He might be good enough to play on the outside, but in a slot role he might be deadly.

Lions TE Sam LaPorta might be a good 4th round stash in a dynasty rookie draft. But his ceiling isn’t high.

Speaking of the Lions, QB Hendon Hooker might become Jared Goff’s replacement someday. Definitely a taxi squad-worthy stash. Great accuracy and doesn’t make mistakes.

Packers TE Luke Musgrave is another sneaky pick to stash on a taxi squad. If he can stay healthy (he only played 2 games last season), he has the size and ability to be a great TE.

Colts WR Josh Downs looks like one of those WR’s who could explode sometimes, and then disappear other times. But as small as he is, it’s hard to see him as somebody who can put up regular numbers.

Jaguars RB Tank Bigsby makes a nice complement to Travis Etienne. Bigsby will probably be a good bench player, who might be a good desperation start during bye weeks and/or heavy injuries. Worth a late round bench stash.

I love Raiders TE Michael Mayer, aka “Baby Gronk”. He only has Austin Hooper to beat out for the starting TE job, so he could see some playing time this year. Mayer has all the size and skills to be a top TE in the NFL.

Don’t fall too much in love with Dolphins RB Devon Achane. He’s a small guy, even though he is super fast (4.32 40 time). I expect Achane to be a decent 3rd down RB and return specialist.

Giants WR Jalin Hyatt is a very dangerous WR who will make you pay if you don’t account for him. Easily a 2nd round pick in dynasty rookie drafts. Just ask Alabama, who Hyatt torched for 5 td’s:

Are the Titans insane? They just drafted a project QB in Malik Willis last year, and now they trade up to get another one in Will Levis? We call them project QB’s because they take more than a year to develop, and sometimes longer than 2 or 3 years. Unless Levis is sitting on my dynasty draft board in the 4th round, I’m not touching him.


I have not watched Levis but most analysts had him going top 5 and a few at #2.
He is seen as the starting QB next season with franchise potential. Some see him taking over this season.

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Levis is another project like Willis. Expecting him to be ready this season is asking a lot.

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Different talent level. Former GM Speilman said he checks all the boxes for franchise potential and battle tested from the SEC.

I have no interest other than liking the pick for Burks stats.

Cbs loves Hooker as another future franchise QB.

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Truth be told. I like Hooker’s potential better than Levis.

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Hard not to considering the surrounding talent with Gibbs, Montgomery, ST Brown, Jameson and a VG OL.

The Lions have ROARED in this draft.

And solid pass catching skills. Definitely the #3 RB of this class, after Charbonnet’s value was pretty much killed by his landing spot.

I agree. Thielen is on his last legs. Terrace Marshall hasn’t really impressed so far. And while D.J. Chark could become a factor, I can easily see Mingo outperforming him. Those looking for a WR who might start producing immediately, Mingo definitely belongs on the cheat sheet.

Mims is pretty fast. He’s probably been drafted to replace Jeudy or Sutton, who are on the trade block. Talent-wise, I think picking him in round 2 was quite a reach, though, so his draft capital shouldn’t fool anybody. And he still ended up with a team that sucked at passing last year.

As a 3rd round rookie pick, he’s okay, though. In leagues that draft early, he might be worth picking up with the speculation to sell him at a higher price once Sutton or Jeudy have been traded.

The Lions traded Hockenson last year, so their TE1 spot is wide open. Definitely a player worth stashing, especially if Hooker takes over next year.

He’s a speculative stash. Jordan Love’s passer profile doesn’t strike me as particularly TE friendly. But we are yet to see the true NFL version of Love, and the Packers have nobody else at TE. I feel he’ll be drafted before entering my comfort zone, though.

His competition outside of Michael Pittman is not scary at all. I expect Minshew to start the season, and remain under center until the Colts feel comfortable throwing Richardson in. Which might not happen at all this season.

That could give Downs a chance to develop a good connection with Richardson, which could pay off next year. I probably won’t add him before late in the 3rd round, though.

You said the same about Snoop Conner last year. I don’t know what the Jags were thinking here. They still have a few roster needs. RB wasn’t one of them. ETN is their RB1, D’Ernest Johnson is a strong backup who has proven he can assume the starting role, should ETN miss time. Why did they feel they need to invest a 3rd rounder in Bigsby? I don’t get it.

This would usually be the moment where I remind you to take those Raiders goggles off. Not this time, though. This could be the first time I fully agree with you on a Raider. Mayer may be only the 3rd TE to come off the board, but he’s still the #1 TE on my draft board.

If I may, I’d like to one-up you here and recommend to not fall in love with him at all. The only scenario where I could see him become fantasy relevant is if both Mostert and Wilson miss time. Which could happen, but even then, there’s still Ahmed and Gaskin around.

Again, we agree. I had the Giants down for a WR in round 1. The top 4 came off the board before they were on the clock, so I see why they waited. He was my #5 WR before the draft. I wouldn’t have been shocked to see him drafted in round 1. The Giants got an absolute steal here. Best pick of the entire 3rd round, if you ask me.

I see your point, but I’m not that negative on Levis. This pick certainly means the Willis experiment has failed. But that doesn’t mean the Levis experiment has to fail, too. Many saw Levis as a 1st round pick, and I wouldn’t have been shocked if the Titans picked him there. Now they got him in round 2 - well done.

And yes, he’s a development project. But there are not enough sure-fire QBs every year to fill all QB gaps in the league, so you have to give these players a shot. And rumor has it that even 6th or 7th round QBs can turn into franchise QBs, while some top 10 draft picks will turn into journeymen or worse.

Maybe Levis will become my 7th QB in this draft. :sweat_smile:

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We knew Willis would take more than a single year to be ready. They tossed him into the fire last year and decide he’s not ready? What happens if they do the same thing with Levis this season, and he fails? Do they draft another QB next year too?

Regardless, the Titans haven’t shown any inclination to throw the ball much anyway.

There’s the things we see on TV, and the things the coaches see during practice. Some things are fixable, others turn a prospect into a write-off.

There’s every chance Levis may bust out. But Malik Willis neither increases nor decreases that risk.

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I’m seeing where the Indy owner said the only way to learn is to play. I can see Richardson as a day 1 starter.

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That’s possible. How much patience does he have? He better have more than the Tennessee owner with Malik Willis.