Trade away Dalvin Cook?

Guy offered me in Ppr league: my Dalvin Cook for James Robinson+ cordarell Patterson… good deal?

I would hit the “accept” button as soon as you read this. Go ahead? I’ll wait…

Cook is starting to wear down as an RB. Yes, he puts up some great numbers usually, but I am beginning to look at him as another CMC, who is meeting Father Time in a not so pleasant manner. At some point, we as FF managers have to let go of the past and look at what we have realistically. I’m not saying “Dump Cook”, but I am saying we have to look at trade offers objectively.

In this case, we have a good young RB in Robinson who is getting all/most of his team’s touches, and being reasonably efficient with them, even on a really bad offense. But in addition, we have Patterson who may be the most efficient RB/WR in ALL of football. Not to mention you can start Patterson at WR and play another RB, if you have a spare?

Not to mention this is a two-for-one deal. Say what you will, but getting 2 healthy RB’s for one injury-plagued RB? Sign me up for that any day!

Let go of the past and grab this opportunity.

I was shopping for deals on Patterson as well: trade now sits with Dalvin Cook for either:

James Robinson plus one of the following people…

Corderall Patterson (This league is a 2 wr, 2 rb, 2 flex so his dual eligibility serves little use)

Deebo Samuel
Ceedee Lamb
Mike Williams
(Which would you pick for the second person. All have already told me they would accept)???

So far, the only one better than Patterson in this bunch is Deebo, and his injury history worries me.

I’d be tempted to take Ceedee, but then you have to worry about Dak’s recent injury, since we don’t know the severity of it.

That leaves Mike Williams, who has an injury history of his own.

The nice thing about Patterson is he can be useful if you end up with only one other WR or RB during injuries and/or bye weeks, then Patterson can step into that other slot, and then you can fill up your flex positions with extras from the other position. I did that with my WR position in one league.

I’d still go Robinson and Patterson.