Dalvin Cook Value

I just traded Ed a 6th next year for Cook. In our keeper hybrid he had to trade or cut him to free up his #1 pick. In dynasty rankings from FP and CBS he is in the 70’s overall after his release.

I am not keeping him to give up a #1 as I have two open picks for Robinson and Gibbs very likely. However, in our league if you have 2 players costing the same pick you can drop one too your next available open pick.

I believe I can trade him for a profit but may gamble in waiting for his landing.


Add in a value on Mattison who is now a feature RB and a FA in many leagues including ours. He is only 25.

That rule is based on players on your roster NOW, not after the draft. If you cut or trade Cook, then your picks are safe. You have until August to decide…tick tock…

You’re rambling Joe. I would have let you have the last word on this topic, except for one little stupid remark you made:

You seem to be forgetting I have Rhamondre Stevenson and Breece Hall? Cook’s production has already been replaced.

Then you doubled down on stupid:

I should have used my 1st round pick for my 3rd string RB, who isn’t even employed right now? BRILLIANT!


Which one of us went farther in the playoffs last year? That would be me. Maybe you need to talk less and learn more?

Maybe I didn’t get peak value for Cook, but I got more than I would have otherwise.

My prediction: You won’t get better than a 4th rounder for him, even as you risk getting completely burned and end up releasing him completely.

You are using the F word a lot? I must be getting under your skin. You literally just said nothing in your own defense. A bunch of draft picks doesn’t prove you’re doing anything right, and even having 5 top 20 RB’s doesn’t help if you can only keep 10 players, unless you keep 5 RB’s, which will be hilarious if you do!

Truth hurts, doesn’t it?