Calll me Crazy - on QB, I'm starting

Gardner Minshew over Patrick Mahomes. :scream:

2QB (SFLEX) league. My QBs are Mahomes, Herbert, Minshew, Dalton, Love. Hurts is out, so Minshew will start against the desolate Jets. Mahomes plays vs. the stout Broncos defense. He works again as an NFL QB, and I expect the Chiefs to win. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Mahomes stayed well south of 20 FFP yet again.

So yes, I’m starting Minshew in his stead. How crazy am I?

Final tally: Minshew 18, Mahomes 13, Herbert 26, Dalton 15.

Good gamble, but who did you start opposite Minshew in your SFLEX? If you started Herbert, you were golden.

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I did. Scoring in my league:
Herbert: 33.45
Minshew: 20.20
Dalton: 16.05
Mahomes: 14.40

I also started Sony Michel (20.4) on FLEX, alongside Austin Ekeler (14.9) and Josh Jacobs (21.5). Plus Ja’Marr Chase (7.7) and Diontae Johnson (26.5) on WR and Pat Freiermuth (6.1) on TE. Overall a good fantasy weekend. My opponent overperformed by over 20 FFP, but I still got a safe W.

So barring a week 14 upset, I’m headed into the playoffs with the #1 seed (11-2 record), which means I’ll have a BYE in week 15.

Different leagues, different scoring, although similar results.

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