Rest of Season question

At the moment I have Hurts as one of my QB. Now I am temped to drop him and pick up Wentz. Would that be wise of a move?

You want to drop the #3 QB in fantasy football for the #21 QB? Hurts worst game was 22 points. That’s a whale of a floor!

I get what you’re thinking: Hurts sucks as a QB. BUT the numbers are the numbers, and Hurts puts up big numbers, even if his passing brings back memories of Ryan Leaf (exaggeration, admittedly). My advise to you is avoid watching Eagles games for the rest of the season, and just read the stat lines.

On the other hand, if this is a dynasty question, I suggest Hurts owners look to make a trade. I’m sure there are plenty of owners in contention who’d kill for the #3 QB. Get a nice draft pick or two for him.

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I second what Ed said. I’m not a Hurts believer myself, so I don’t blame you for considering to move on from him. There still is a chance the Eagles may bench him at some point, especially since he has a game-ready backup breathing down his neck. In my dynasty league, I still hang on to Gardner Minshew.

BUT - much as I doubt Hurts as an NFL QB, I cannot doubt him as a fantasy QB anymore. So ride the wave until it breaks. Back him up with a startable QB on your bench, or try to trade him for something good. But don’t drop him.