How valuable is Taylor?

1/2 point Ppr keep one. I am thinking of keeping eitanne for a 9th pick, my other option would be to go and trade for Taylor for a 4th and then would cost me a 1st to keep.
What to do? Worse I would get in draft is eckler or cook for my 1st pick and would keep eitanne. This is what I am leaning to. Thoughts?

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Hold em. I like your combo over deal.

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Easily, I keep Ekeler or Cook and ETN over a shot at Taylor. I won’t say either of those options will be better than Taylor, but combined will beat most teams with Taylor. ETN’s upside is in Taylor’s neighborhood.

I think the simple math of ending up with 4 players after 4 rds is better than ending up with 3 players after 4 rds. Taylor is good but not good enough to make up for that gap.

If this trade could land you Taylor for multiple yrs it might be different, but since you wouldn’t be able to keep him next yr, I wouldn’t go for it.

Too bad Henry isn’t available.