Ekeler for Swift & Deebo?

Hey folks, this is a 10 team PPR SuperFlex 4 keeper league. We can keep 4 for up to 3 years. Right now I’m keeping KMurray, JMixon, Ekeler & 1 of BCooks, Mooney or EMoore. I was offered Swift, Deebo & 3.4 for Eckler & 2.9. So I go from Eckler to Swift and 1 of the 3 wrs to Deebo and lose those 6 draft spots. Seems good but Swift & Debo’s injury chances scare me and you have to factor in the guy I’m not keeping as part of the trade. Any thoughts?


I think I like Murray, Mixon, Swift and Deebo in a keeper league slightly more than I like Murray, Mixon, Ekeler and any of your current WRs, even with the draft pick swap.

I too have Ekeler and am considering trade as he is 27 but I want more than you are offered. It is a fair offer but Deebo is unsure with Lance as is Swift with no QB and injuries. Who projects at pick 2.9 that they want? What pick do you lose for Ekeler and gain in the trade losing in the draft?

For now, I would lean on Ekeler but look for other offers and decide.

You should be more afraid of Ekeler’s injury risk than of Swift’s. Ekeler is an asset, but he’s not getting any younger. He may be a tad safer than your average 27 year old RB, as a) he did not see heavy usage in his early years, and b) profiles as much as a WR than as an RB.

Ekeler was fantastic last year, and should still have a strong season ahead of him. But some regression seems to be inevitable. As an Ekeler owner in dynasty, I think I would prefer Swift here.

Deebo is not as much of an asset. He will lose all his rushing yards and TDs this year, and it’s not even guaranteed that he stays the top target through the air. I still have him as a low-end WR1, but he could drop even out of that range. I’m not even sure I’d prefer him over Cooks, who has a super high floor, thanks to very little competition for targets in Houston.

Ask if he will do Swift & 3.4 for Ekeler. If he does, keep Murray, Mixon, Swift and Cooks. Along with the extra 3rd, you should be able to build a nice team around them.

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