Keeper League: 3 Keepers : Akers,Etienne,Pittman, Taylor

Any Help on who I should Keep? Need to keep 3 of the following:
Johnathan Taylor
Michael Pittman
Terry Mclaurin
Cam Akers
Travis Etienne

I was Planning on keeping Taylor and Pittman for sure, im just torn on either akers or etienne ? What are your thoughts ?

More info is always good. What do you give up? What picks can you have, etc.

However, in this case, I can only see Taylor, Pittman and Erienne who’s ceiling is the sky. JMO Yes, I have him too.

Yeah, more info would be good. If PPR, then Taylor and Etienne; if standard, then Taylor and Akers.

Then one of the two WRs; kind of a toss-up. ADP will tell you Pittman, but then you’re competing against your RB for touches each week, so I’d probably keep McLaurin.

I traded for McLaurin in a ploff push, he sucked, cut, and moved on never to add him again.

Full PPR settings
I shed alot of players at the deadline last season
I have 2 first rd, 1x 2nd , 2x 3rd , 2x 4th picks

Axel, you’re getting the bear for that advice.

Polar Bear Facepalm

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In general add the bear er of bad news, the bad news being that he is giving advice, :slight_smile: Just playing, he does have his moments all be thay few and far between.

Back to Fantasy.

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