How to Ignore a Poster


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Click on bottom right 11 more. Then upper right corner- normal. Choose block and you will see no more from this poster.

Those using it have said the forum got much better.

While at the same time watching their fantasy football teams implode.

To answer 2 questions, putting him on ignore has no effect on anything but not having to see anything he posts. Speaking for myself it makes coming here much better with no aggravation, BS or pestering. I highly recommend it.

I’ve received 3 messages over the weekend thanking me for this thread. They say it is much better to be able to just talk fantasy without having to see the rants of some fool about himself.

I combined the 3 but got a laugh on each.

I got anoter 2 messages complaining about the pain in the ass pest. Just giving everyone options to avoid it.

I add this again as this self serving, pain in the ass pest is again a bother.

For those not knowing, he is responsible for many VG posters leaving and many others not coming. This is fact from anyone who has been here.

Ignore is where he belongs, JMO