FantasyPros Forum to be Shut Down?

I just noticed that FantasyPros removed the last remaining link to the forum from the website.

After removing the notification icon from the top bar a few months ago already, they now also removed the link from the profile dropdown.

As it stands, there is no more link from the main site to the forum that I would be aware of.

I noticed that more and more posts here are complaining about site features not working as advertised. People are obviously looking for customer service feedback that will not be provided here.

Since there is no official statement, I can only speculate that this is the reason FantasyPros decided to disconnect the forum from the site.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the forum is being shut down as a next step. Even if not, it will probably die a slow death - not that it has ever been overly alive to begin with.

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The forum link is still on the menu as the last item. However, it would not surprise me if they did. It has been discussed and usage is down due to lack of pest control.

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Not for me…

This is the main menu on the left-main page.

Are we talking about the same website?
Mine looks like this, and none of the menus looks remotely like the one you describe.

Are you on the mobile app?

No, don’t even have it installed. Found it pretty terrible and see no reason not to use a browser, even on the phone.

If the feedback on their products is any indication, they’re probly going out of business.

They probly should have made more of an advertising push to let people know that Axe Elf’s legendary fantasy football wisdom was available here.

But don’t worry, Elf fans! Even if FantasyPros shuts down their forums, Axe Elf will still be available to you on many of the more popular platforms!

This is what I get. Just click on the title.

Okay. So when I access 1 specific stats site, I still find a forum link at the bottom of a side menu.

A few months ago, I found a forum link in the header bar of the home page (and thus, on every page on the site).

Until yesterday, I found a link in my profile dropdown.

Now I only find a link hidden at the bottom of a sub-menu on a sub-page. And that’s probably because FP themselves didn’t see it there.

My OP stands. This forum will be gone very soon.

It’s been great educating you all, and I hope you are able to utilize your engagement with Axe Elf here to win many Championships in the future!

I do not disagree with you. Many have complained about one poster and no one wants to deal with moderating.

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There’s a new place just started up this summer to replace the old RotoWorld/NBC SportsEdge forums, if you’re looking for a new home:

Axe Elf is already impressing them with his pinpoint predictions for the first game of the season: