A Help for Cash Leagues

I found a company called LeagueSafe.com from a league I joined and was also mentioned by the Sleeper site. They collect your fees and pay your prizes.
Been around 10 years, take plastic and e-checks while charging 4.5%

If anyone is dealing with the money, as I did a lot for years, knows it’s a pain in the ass and will welcome this site. :sunglasses:

LeagueSafe is widely used, but I’m not really sure why, when they charge you 4.5%. It’s not even really “safe”; there’s nothing stopping the designated LeagueSafe manager from absconding to Cuba with the league fees, if that’s the sort of person they are.

Axe Elf has avoided joining any leagues using LeagueSafe for the past 15 years or so that they have been in existence; they are just another middleman taking prize money away from Axe Elf.

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You pathetic, selfish, overbearing fool. any documentation of you even playing in any league . let alone winning anything, have come back empty.

You waste posters time with self centered BS and I would prefer to ask someone on the street for advice as opposed to listening to you.

Just a troll wasting other posters time.

Now that’s the kind of hard-hitting fantasy football analysis our posters come to read!

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It is fact vs your fiction. You make up stuff and lie to people while chasing posters away. You just don’t know when to STFU.

How ironic that you would make that up and state it as if it were true.

You’ve been asked for over a year to say where you played and won as you say you did. NO answer, just BS.

I tried to bring my league here for our draft pick selection talk. You had to come into it, NOT having any business there, annoyed they and they had no interest in being here, saying the forum needed pest control.

We had a great weekend discussion on off season trades, moving the league and cash payments. They are all experienced, knowledgeable managers and there were great questions, answers, info and opinions.

That’s 11 new posters who would have been here if not for your BS. Why would
you want that to detract from your nonsense and silly diary?

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Now that your 11 leaguemates refuse to come here, you’re pretty much guaranteed to win your league, since you’ll be the only one who has axess to the wisdom of the fantasy football legend that is Axe Elf!

You’re welcome.

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