AxeElf? Possible to block?


AxeElf is way too smart for all of us and we are mere peasants in the company of “axual” royalty.

Is it possible to somehow “block” AxeElf so that we can have actual fantasy football discussions? I’d hate to keep boring him with our silly little questions.

Can we rise up as a people and petition the fantasy football gods to banish him, or something?

Asking for a friend…


You can’t block him, but you can report any of his posts to the moderator. On each person’s post, there are 3 dots. Click on that, and you will see a flag, where you can “flag” the post to the moderator.

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You can ignore any user on this forum. Their posts will then not show up for you anymore.

The function is a bit hidden. Go to the profile of the user. In the top right corner, you will see a dropdown labelled “Normal”. Click the dropdown, select “Ignored”, select for how long, and the user will not appear for you anymore.


Good advice! Some trolls just can’t be helped. :+1: