I have no clue as to why I am having such a hard time.. Maybe the upside?

Full PPR, Redraft, 10 Team League, on the line up there are 2 Flex spots and you can use TE, RB, WR.

I am struggling with the Flex spots. My lineup is set, except for the two Flex spots.

My QB is Hurts for my WR’s I have Waddle and Metcalf. For the RB’s to start, I have Etienne, and Stevenson.

Then the struggle! Ugh! lol .

Struggling with two Flex spots, I have Allgeier, Jackson, and Foreman to choose from. I only can choose two of the three options. All three have upside, and I believe high ceilings.

Someone wanna jump in and suggest anything?

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I love Foreman here. Arguably one of the best flex plays around in most leagues.

As for Deon Jackson (I assume that’s who you meant), I think he is a sneaky good play here. JT is out, and Deon’s only competition is practice squad Phil Lindsay and newly arrived Zack Moss (who couldn’t succeed behind Buffalo’s good offensive line, so imagine how bad he’ll be in Indy?). Deon might ball out this week. Since your league is full PPR, Deon is a stud RB, because he shines most in the passing game.

Allgeier has been mediocre this year, and it looks like there’s a possibility Cordarelle might return this week. I’d just leave Allgeier alone this week.

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