HELP ! What Can I do about this team (0-2)

12man PPR H2H Yahoo league. 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1FLEX. 1TE, 1K, 1DST

I’m 0-2 and lost by 8 and 6 points in each of those games. What trades or starting line up changes can I do to improve. The power rankings and league analyzer has me dead last in my league. I currently 10 out of 12.

My Roster,
QB- Hurts, Cousins
WR- Ridley, Dionte, Julio, Aiyuk, Anderson, Patrick
RB- Chubb, Mixon, Javante, Pollard
TE- Tonyan, Engram
K- Greg Z
D- Steelers

First, don’t panic. This is very salvageable.

Let’s break it down.

At QB, you have the number 4 and number 7 QB. You’re more than good here.

Your WR’s have underperformed so far, but there is hope.

Ridley should do better once Pitts does better, but right now defenses can focus on stopping Ridley. Pitts will breakout, and then defenses will have to show him more respect. Until then, you just have to ride it out.

Diontae is doing what we expected. He’s ok.

Julio is getting older, and we are now understanding why Atlanta was willing to let him go. What you see may be all you get from him. He’s not bad, but he’s no WR1 any more.

Aiyuk, and all of SF for that matter, is going thru a weird time. There’s stuff going on behind the scenes that just leaves all of us baffled. Aiyuk has talent, but you may need to leave him on your bench until things sort themselves out.

Anderson is just done. Unless CMC gets hurt again, you won’t see Anderson do what he did last season. If you can get a better WR on the waiver wire, I recommend you do so.

Patrick is over-performing for now, and is worthy of a start in your 3 WR rotation.

On to RB…Chubb is the number 4 RB, even in PPR. Mixon is number 8. You’re solid at RB. Javante and Pollard make good backups. No worries here.

TE is an issue for you. Tonyan redeemed himself Monday night, but that still leaves him at 13 for TE’s. You may want to shop the waiver wire for a better backup than Engram. You might even find a better TE than Tonyan. But you don’t list a TE starting requirement? If you don’t need a TE, then forget the position. And don’t waste the flex position on a TE.

Greg Z is number 8 at K. No worries here, unless there’s a better one on your waiver wire.

Pittsburgh was the number 12 defense after getting curb-stomped by the Raiders. They should have better days ahead.

In summary, you need to look closely at your WR’s and TE’s (which you may not even need).

By the way, losing by 8 and 6 points is brutal, but that is easily close enough to bounce back. No worries.

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I second what Ed said above.

On WR, look for players like K.J. Osborn or Cedrick Wilson, unless better options are available. Even Braxton Barrios looks workable, but only if Crowder remains sidelined.

As for TE, Tonyan is not a bad choice. He is highly TD dependent and will let you down every other week, but also win you some. Cut Engram and replace him with a TE who gets regular targets. Or with a WR, if your league does not require starting a TE.

As for defenses - I generally prefer streaming the position. In terms of fantasy performance, it is much more about the opponent than about the D/ST team itself. You want to look at sacks and INTs. Defensive TDs and fumble recoveries are too random to plan on them.

For this week, the Panthers are a good streaming option. Granted, so far the “any team that plays the Texans” strategy didn’t work out. But this week, the Texans have to start Davis Mills, and that should be good for 2-3 INTs.

Other than that, “any team that plays the Jets” seems to be a solid strategy.

I omitted that I do have to start a TE

I suspected. I know there are some leagues that omit the TE position, but I think it’s too early for that.

At least you should be getting Engram back soon; he was a limited participant in practice today and Questionable for Sunday.