Henry plus Ceede for Diggs

Just got offered Henry and Ceede for Diggs. My Rbs are Mixon , Zeke and JRob. Wrs are: Diggs Sutton, Amari, Elijah Moore, Lockett.

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If you expect both Henry and CeeDee to bounce back big time - do it.

But right now, you are trading for the WR44 and RB37 and give up the WR1 (and highest scoring skill position player) in return.

Now, Diggs will not catch 12 passes and score 3 TDs every week. Still, there is little reason to expect him dropping out of the elite WR tier.

CeeDee has been brutally inefficient in week 1, and pedestrian in week 2. You could call it an upwards trend. Or a sign that the Dallas offense is out of sync. The return of Gallup should help CeeDee, but while I had advertised him as a top WR option pre-season, I have serious doubts now that he will pull that off this season.

It’s pretty safe to assume you will get a significant downgrade on WR. To illustrate how big the difference between the 2 passing offenses is: Diggs saw only 2 targets more than Lamb in the first 2 weeks, but outscored him 76-20 in full PPR FFP.

The question is: is Henry enough to balance the trade?

Right now, it looks like it won’t. Henry’s production in 2 full games would have qualified as 2 slow quarters last year. To illustrate how pedestrian he has been so far: Dontrell Hilliard outscored him 21.9 to 15.7 in full PPR FFP. The twist: Hilliard didn’t even play in week 2.

Henry will still have some big games, I have little doubt about that. But will his production be reliable enough to make him startable again without risking he’ll ruin your week? He might have good games in weeks 4 and 7 vs the Colts, and week 5 at the Commanders. But how will the team fare against KC, Denver, Green Bay, the Eagles and the Chargers?

It’s a risky trade. If things work out for you, you’ll get a solid low-end WR1 and an RB1 in exchange for Diggs.

But worst case, you traded an elite asset away for the 2 biggest busts of the season.

Risk / reward. Good luck!

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Welcome aboard!

The big question for you is: Dynasty or redraft?

In dynasty, this is a slam dunk: Take Ceedee. Much better long term potential Diggs is good, but he’s older.

In redraft, Ceedee is highly underestimated. Sure, he had a bad first week, against Tampa. Many WR’s have died there. 2nd week, with a backup QB against the Bengals, Ceedee has 7 catches for 75 yards and a td, plus 6 rush yards. On the other hand, Diggs has blown up in two games against an over-rated Rams team and a bad Tennessee team. Can he continue? Very likely. But it’s hard to go against the best WR on a powerhouse Bills offense.

In redraft, I’d take my chances with the RB’s you have, and keep Diggs.

Thanks to both!!! Great input!! As of right now I’m going to wait. This is a redraft half ppr 12 team league… I started 0-2 losing by .5 and 3 points the first 2 matchups bc I started Lance in both haha Lets see if Diggs can pull another 20+ game and Henry and Ceede show something! Thanks again guys!


Who’s your QB now? That sounds like where your issue might be.

I just traded AJones for Stafford and Mixon so I’m rolling with stafford… I was thinking abt trading diggs for kupp to get the double dip haha

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The only problem with that is if the Rams weren’t the same team as they were last year. Honestly, I have my doubts.

Yeah, I agree 100%. Diggs also has the best QB throwing to him.